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Velmount Property Management

Velmount Property Management provides a “Comprehensive Property Solutions” based out of Bangalore, India. We provide a complete range of professional services for both residential and corporate sectors looking to invest in, or relocate to Bangalore

Our expertise spans across being a trustworthy Real Estate Consultant in Bangalore, to being a comprehensive Property Management service provider, Buy, Sell and Rental Management services, and, being a property and residential loan consultant with business relationships with lending institutions of repute. In addition to this, we also provide assistance for architectural services and interior designing facilities. We have an extensive understanding of the market together with an experience of two decades built with reputed International real estate agencies, and thus, we endeavour to provide the solutions that help clients get the most optimal returns on their investments.

Guided by the principle of providing the most comprehensive range of options that makes decision-making meaningful and easy, we have become a preferred choice of many high net worth individuals, and commercial establishments, that have interests in buying, selling, and renting property in Bangalore.

Why Choose Us?

Real Estate Dealer in Bangalore and with our operational excellence

Provide wide range of genuine options to choose
Complete and transparent guidance at every step
Expert team with experience in diverse but related areas
Client satisfaction remains our top priority as most of our business is reference based
Expertise in handling various regulatory authorities and their compliance requirements
Understanding the dynamic environment of the realty market


We offer our best services to our valuable clients.

Property search for plots and empty houses/flats.
Help with right property selection for rent.
Rental management of properties.
Negotiations with house owner on your behalf.
Periodic upkeep of property.
Paperwork like rental agreement.
Repair and Maintenance.
Benefits for Tenants
Facing any trouble during your tenancy? You don’t have to break a sweat since the property management agency takes care of it all. Not just the owners, but the tenants also benefit from availing a rented house from a reliable property management company.

Home Buying - Services We Offer

At Planet Realty & Management each of our agents are committed to assisting our buyers in all facets of the home buying process from pre-approval through closing and beyond!

  1. Individually meeting with each buyer to find the best financing resources and options.
  2. Discuss important wants and needs to connect each buyer with their dream home.
  3. Availabilty to each buyer for questions and concerns throughout and after the buying process.
  4. Exerpienced negotiation ensuring the right price on each buyers home purchase, including a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).

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